5 reasons

to self-manage your home care package…

Enjoy the power of choice, control and more hours of support by choosing to self-manage your Home Care Package (HCP) with Homemade

What you get with self-management:

Coordinate services that matter to you through your tailor-made support plan

Some of the services you can access with HomeMade:

View your goals and action plan

Track your Home Care Package budget. Know exactly how much you’ve spent, and how much is left.

Get more hours of support with lower admin fees than

With self-management, stay in control of the services and support that matters to you.

Select the support providers that come to your home

Enjoy peace of mind with our helpful team and resources

Take control, but we’re always here to help.

Self-managing your Home Care Package means you make the decisions about the services and support workers you’d like. We’re here to help you understand and get started with self-management, guiding and supporting you through the process.

What our members are saying

So happy with them and I am able to self manage my mum’s care package by using wonderful Mable carers.


Easy to use, good online assistance and portal easy to use. I can find my own staff from Mable or services through HomeMade. I’m happy.


I am very happy with HomeMade Support and would definitely recommend them to anybody wanting to self manage. The process is easy to understand & I love being able to access my account to ensure I am aware of all financial transactions.


I manage my mum’s package through HomeMade…yes it’s easy and I recommended it to my friend for his mum.


Most amazing company. A flat fee and you choose your own providers if you elect not to use those provided by HomeMade.


I am with HomeMade. They are wonderful. I self manage my partners’ aged care and they are very caring and it really is easy to do as they handle all invoices, I just employ who I need and they send their invoices directly to HomeMade and fees are the best around.


Now you know.

Begin self-managed home care today with HomeMade.

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