Reassessment of Care Needs

What is a Reassessment? If you (or someone you care for) are currently receiving aged care services and there has been a change in your health or living situation, it is a good idea to have a reassessment of your care needs. Such changes could include a decline in your physical or mental health, a […]

Changing Cognition

As people age, it is common to experience changes in cognition, which can affect memory, attention, and other cognitive abilities. Below is an explanation of what happens as cognition changes and what to do if you notice a change in cognition in yourself or someone you care for   Impact of changing cognition in elderly […]

Mental Health and Well-Being

Regardless of stage or life or age, it’s important to monitor your mental health and well-being.  Well-being can be considered satisfaction, optimism, self-esteem, having purpose in life and a sense of belonging.  Getting older can make it difficult to recognise decline in mental health as it can overlap other symptoms of ageing. What can impact […]

Learn More: Dignity of Risk

Dignity of risk is a term used to describe the principle that individuals, including elderly persons receiving care, have the right to make choices, even if they carry a potential for harm or danger. It recognises that everyone has the right to take risks and make mistakes as a natural part of life, as long […]

Advanced Care Planning

What is Advanced Care Planning? An essential part of anyone’s life is considering how we want our future to look. We all need to do this occasionally at different stages of our lives, even if the conversation makes us feel a little uncomfortable. Talking about our future in terms of end-of-life care is one of […]

When Self Management May Not Longer Be Suitable

Self-management provides you with choice and flexibility and let’s you stay in control of your care. However, there are instances when self-management may no longer be the right solution. Below we explain what self-management is and when it may not longer be suitable for you.     What is Self-Management Self-Managing means you actively manage […]

Incident Reporting

As an Approved Provider within the Aged Care sector we have a mutual obligation to report incidents that occur with our customers. Incidents and near misses do happen. It can be as simple as a customer providing incorrect information, to a more serious event such as an injury or death. Ageing customers are more prone […]

Home Care Packages Exclusions

Your Home Care Package is to help fund the cost of care and services that meet your assessed care needs as set out in your Support Plan. To help you understand your Home Care Package better and what funding can be used for, in this article, we will cover specific items which are excluded under […]

How to Access Your HomeMade Account

Please use  these steps below to help you if you’re having trouble logging into your HomeMade account. For ease of use, it’s best to try and activate your account or reset your password using either a tablet or laptop. If you accidentally close the window you can just start the process again.   Step 1: […]

Understanding Personal Contributions

Under the Home Care Package requirements recipients have an allocated level of funding for the provision of your home care services. When your account balance is approaching or has reached a negative balance you will be asked to make a personal contribution. You may also like to make a personal contribution when you’d like to […]

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