2021 Self Managed Support Pty Ltd ABN 88 638 372 960. Self Managed Support trading as HomeMade is an Approved Provider that delivers package management services to customers receiving home care packages. HomeMade offers a low cost shared management solution for customers who wish to self-manage.

This website provides several illustrative and comparative examples to demonstrate how the HomeMade package and shared management services work.

The figures and comparisons contained in this website are necessarily general. They do not consider all relevant factors, including things like total hours of work available or training and experience. Arrangements between the service provider, workers and people who require their services (including hourly rate and hours of work) facilitated by the customer will be the subject of the agreement between the relevant individuals. The general comparisons in this document do not reflect any such arrangements.

Use of HomeMade services should be considered in accordance with our Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Please contact us directly to find out what your package management options might look like.

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