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Reassessment of Care Needs

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What is a Reassessment?

If you (or someone you care for) are currently receiving aged care services and there has been a change in your health or living situation, it is a good idea to have a reassessment of your care needs.

Such changes could include a decline in your physical or mental health, a change in your living arrangements, or a change in your medication regimen.

In Australia, if you are receiving government-funded aged care services, it is advised you have a review every 12 months to determine if your care needs have changed. This is called a “reassessment of need” or “reassessment of care”.

You can also request a reassessment at any time if you feel that your current level of care is no longer meeting your needs or if you think you may require additional support.


When to Get a Reassessment

The need for a reassessment of your care will depend on your individual circumstances and the level of care you require. However, there are some general situations in which you may need to consider having your aged care reassessed:

Change in health status: If there has been a change in your health status, such as a new diagnosis, an increase in care needs, or a hospitalisation, it may be necessary to reassess your care needs.

Change in living situation: if your living arrangements change in any way

Change in financial circumstances: If your financial situation has changed significantly, such as a loss of income or inheritance, you may need to reassess your care needs to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate level of care for your new financial circumstances.

Change in personal circumstances: If your personal circumstances have changed, such as a change in family support or a change in your caregiver, it may be necessary to reassess your aged care needs.

Event or incident: you have had a fall or other event at home.

It is important to have your aged care needs reassessed whenever there is a change in your health or living situation.


A reassessment can be done at any time if your needs have changed


How HomeMade Can Help

We will work with you to reassess your care needs and adjust your care plan as needed.

In Australia, the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) conducts assessments for people seeking government-funded aged care services, and can also conduct reassessments for those already receiving services.

The first step is to get in touch with us to review your current support plan and what care needs may have changed.

We can also apply for a package upgrade (if required) on your behalf.


Find Out More

You can find out more by visiting My Aged Care website.

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