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Discover true self-management to aged care support with HomeMade and enjoy the freedom to control your own support and services.
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What is self-managed aged care support?

Home care packages can be self-managed which means you have control over how your funds are spent.

Every Home Care Package is hosted by a provider, but some providers, like HomeMade, allow you to self-manage your funds and give you greater control over your support services. Self-management means you have the power to choose who supports you, what services you need, and when the support takes place. You can even negotiate the best rate with your support workers.

Why self-manage your Home Care Package?

When you choose to self-manage your Home Care Package, you choose to stay in charge of your own support.

Choose the services you want

You know best what services and support you need. When you self-manage your Home Care Package with HomeMade, you can choose what types of support you receive so you can prioritise living independently in your home as long as possible.

Decide who
supports you

You deserve to feel confident and comfortable with the people you invite into your home. You might need someone to speak the same language as you, or share the same hobbies. Self-management allows you to choose your own support workers that suits your schedule and lifestyle needs.

Access more hours of support

Admin fees and overheads charged by traditional providers can eat up your Home Care Package funds. Self-managing with HomeMade means you’ll enjoy lower fees and free up more of your funding to spend on the support services you need.

Do you have a Home Care Package?

Whether you already have a Home Care Package or are just starting out on your journey, it’s never too late to consider your self-management options.

I just got approved, but don’t have a provider yet

Once you’re assigned a Home Care Package, you have 56 days to sign an agreement with an aged care provider. Make sure your chosen provider offers genuine self-management – like HomeMade.

When you’ve chosen a provider, give them the unique referral code from your Home Care Package approval letter and they’ll activate your package.

I want to switch to self-management

First, ask your current provider if they’ll let you self-manage your Home Care Package and choose service providers that aren’t employed by them. If the answer is no, you can make the switch to HomeMade, a provider that offers genuine self managed aged care.

Once you’ve decided to move over to HomeMade, notify your current provider and confirm any notice periods or exit fees. Next, reactivate your Home Care Package referral code with HomeMade. After signing your agreement.

I want to be approved for a HCP and self-manage it

First you will need to be assessed for a Home Care Package by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and get approved. The approval process can take up to two weeks. Get your Home Care Package assessment process started.

While you wait to be approved for a Home Care Package, you can research providers and find one that offers self-managed aged care, such as HomeMade. Learn more about how HomeMade works

Once you’ve been approved and assigned a Home Care Package you have 56 days to sign an agreement with an aged care provider. Give them the referral code from your approval letter so they can activate your package.

Why choose HomeMade as a provider?

HomeMade takes over the management and administration side of things so you can stay focused on your support needs.

  • Lower fees so you can free up your funds for support
  • We design your support plan and help you with finding the right services
  • Together we manage your budget and track your spending. HomeMade can assist with administrative tasks and that your funding is compliant within the guidelines of your approved Home Care Package
  • You take control of the day-to-day management of your support services
  • HomeMade manages safeguards and payments on your behalf.
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How we support you.

We guide you on how to use all the tools for self-managing but we’re available when you want help.

Find the right support with a self-managed Home Care Package

HomeMade offers a number of ways for you to access verified support workers.

Select from our verified providers

We check each provider’s insurance and registrations for you.

Search Mable's extensive network

Use Mable to find and engage the services and support of your choice.

Register your own service provider

We will register your chosen service provider with HomeMade.

Find local support workers

Connect with local support workers. We can help set you both up.

Home care is better when it’s HomeMade.

Join our growing community.

So happy with them and I am able to self manage my mum’s care package by using wonderful Mable carers.


Easy to use, good online assistance and portal easy to use. I can find my own staff from Mable or services through HomeMade. I’m happy.


I am very happy with HomeMade Support and would definitely recommend them to anybody wanting to self manage. The process is easy to understand & I love being able to access my account to ensure I am aware of all financial transactions.


I manage my mum’s package through HomeMade…yes it’s easy and I recommended it to my friend for his mum.


Most amazing company. A flat fee and you choose your own providers if you elect not to use those provided by HomeMade.


I am with HomeMade. They are wonderful. I self manage my partners’ aged care and they are very caring and it really is easy to do as they handle all invoices, I just employ who I need and they send their invoices directly to HomeMade and fees are the best around.


Want to find out more about HomeMade?

We understand you might still have some questions, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to answer them.

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