Be independent.
Choose your support.

For a flat fee of 15%, we partner with you to help you self-manage your Home Care Package. Take control of your support and services with no hidden costs.

Take control.

But we’re always here to help.

Self-managing your Home Care Package means you make the decisions about the services and support workers you’d like. We’re here to help you understand and get started with self-management whether you’re new to Home Care Packages or switching providers.

Why choose HomeMade?

Self-management is ideal for Home Care Package participants who want to organise their own care.

Stay living at home

We’ll guide you to use the tools to live independently and stay in your home.

Take control of your support

Your support plan, your budget. Choose and manage what services matter to you through the HomeMade Platform.

Decide what services you need

Manage your own support team and schedule. Change your services as your support needs change.

Choose your support workers

You have control over who you have in your home, what work they do, and how you want the work to be carried out.

Find support workers who understand you and your needs.

Access a range of services, Australia-wide.

Cleaning and laundry

Home and garden

Personal care

Shopping and errands

Technology and equipment

Nutrition and meal preparation

Companionship and socialising

Nursing and medication

Ready to self-manage?

View how you can use your level of Home Care Package and how much it costs.

More services?

Search for independent support workers in your community using our related platform, Mable.

Low 15% admin fee only.

Stay in control of the services and support that matters to you, for less. Get more hours of support as a Homemade participant compared to a traditional provider!

How does it work?

We work with you to create a support plan to meet your needs and optimise your funds.

Step 1

You select HomeMade as your approved provider

You share your relevant information so we can get you started

Together we design your support plan and budget

We work together to identify the support workers and services that will suit you best

Step 2

You choose your service providers and workers

HomeMade helps you set up your team of workers and service provider

You take control of the day-to-day management of your support services

Step 3

We support you to manage your services and budget

Together we manage your budget and track your spending

HomeMade manages safeguards and payments on your behalf

We work together to ensure your support plan continues to meet your needs

Is Self-Management PLUS a better fit for you?

By choosing our Self-Management PLUS service, you will enjoy all the benefits of Self-Management such as choosing your own care. Plus, get extra help setting up your support services such as nursing and buying equipment


Home care is better when it’s HomeMade.

Join our growing community.

Thank you, HomeMade. I’m definitely happier, healthier and more optimistic about life. It’s wonderful to feel the support and care you provide through my package. My life has opened up again!


I did a lot of research into providers, and all the providers out there seem to do the same old thing. With HomeMade I am so grateful that I have input into our services.


Since joining HomeMade, we have visited mum and actually had dinner together, instead of working like a trojan. It’s been wonderful!


I made a very good decision when I decided to self manage my package with Homemade. We have talked about what is best for my husband and how to manage the funds efficiently. On top of that, Homemade doesn’t have any hidden fees, unlike most companies that charge more. I feel in control, and they have helped us every step of the way. I can’t explain how happy I am – I recommend family and friends to join Homemade.


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