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Advanced Care Planning

In this guide:

What is Advanced Care Planning?

An essential part of anyone’s life is considering how we want our future to look. We all need to do this occasionally at different stages of our lives, even if the conversation makes us feel a little uncomfortable. Talking about our future in terms of end-of-life care is one of those topics that most of us would prefer to avoid. However, with the proper support and a sensitive approach, we can consider this topic in a way that is both respectful and pragmatic.

In the event you are unable to make your own decisions, advanced care planning allows you to make the choices and decisions now about your future medical and health care needs and decide what treatment you may like (or not like) to receive.


Why it’s Important

  • Formalise your wishes
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for your loved ones and / or carers
  • Reduces unwanted treatments.

If your wishes are not formalised, doctors will make treatment decisions based on their assessment of your best interests.

Advanced care planning is usually formalised via an Advance Care Directive.


Advance Care Planning and Advance Care Directives are governed by state and territory legislation


How HomeMade Can Help?

We will discuss Advance Care Planning with you and your representative (if you have one) to ensure you have every opportunity to have your critical care or end-of-life wishes written down in advance. Then, in a crisis situation, it will be easier for those around you to ensure your wishes are put into place.

Once you have thought things through and made your decisions known to others, you can get on with the more enjoyable aspects of living a full and rewarding life.


Next Steps

Because Advance Care Planning and Advance Care Directives are governed by state and territory legislation it’s important to seek information relating to your state. Below are various resources for you to review and to find out more. 

You may also like to speak with your GP and seek further legal advice.


Recording Your Wishes

You can add your advance care directive to your My Health Record.  This ensures any treating doctor has access to your documented wishes.

You can find out more here on the Digital Health website.


Learn More

1. Advanced Care Planning provides a range of resources to help you, your family members and / or carers.

2. The Department of Health and Aged Care also has more information on their website.

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