Understanding Your Fees: FAQs

Why am I charged 7.5% Package Fee and 7.5% Care Fee?  Your home care package fee is split into two components. One fee is for care management and one fee is for package management and combined they comprise the 15% total package fee charged each month. From 1 December 2022 it was a Government requirement […]

Incident Management Process

How does the incident management process work at HomeMade? We acknowledge all incidents relating to elder abuse within 8 hours of receipt. We will partner with you to reach your desired outcome and to handle the incident in a way that aims to uphold your safety and wellbeing. It is a requirement by law that […]

Utilising Your Home Care Package Funds

There are many reasons why home care package recipients may only be using some of their allocated funding. Some reasons may include: They want to hold funding back because they want to use their funds in the future for something that may or may not eventuate. They might have received a higher Home Care Package […]

High Prevalence High Risk in Aged Care

Older adults have a higher propensity for frailty, comorbidities and unique care needs. As the average life expectancy in Australia increases, the proportion of elderly people in the community with higher-risk conditions and illnesses is rising. What is High Prevalence High Risk? In aged care, “high prevalence high risk” refers to conditions or situations that […]

Incident Reporting

As an Approved Provider within the Aged Care sector we have a mutual obligation to report incidents that occur with our customers. Incidents and near misses do happen. It can be as simple as a customer providing incorrect information, to a more serious event such as an injury or death. Ageing customers are more prone […]

Home Care Packages Exclusions

Your Home Care Package is to help fund the cost of care and services that meet your assessed care needs as set out in your Support Plan. To help you understand your Home Care Package better and what funding can be used for, in this article, we will cover specific items which are excluded under […]

Understanding Personal Contributions

Under the Home Care Package requirements recipients have an allocated level of funding for the provision of your home care services. When your account balance is approaching or has reached a negative balance you will be asked to make a personal contribution. You may also like to make a personal contribution when you’d like to […]

How To Get The Most From Your Home Care Package

It is essential to understand the costs of your home care package before you choose your home care provider, so that you can make the right decision regarding your support and care management needs. When you receive a home care package, you have a budget to pay for the supports and services you need. Your […]

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