Choosing Your Support Workers

Self-managing your Home Care Package gives you the freedom and joy of handpicking your support workers.  In this guide, we’ll assist you in making the right choices. If you’re unsure about negotiating rates or ensuring the quality of support matches the cost, below we provide some helpful tips in navigating these conversations. What Makes Good […]

Staying Independent

Most people don’t think about aged care until they need to. But these days, support for older Australians is a lot more flexible. If you ask older Australians what they aspire for as they age, chances are, ‘remaining independent’ will be amongst the top goals. Nowadays, Australians are redefining aging, aiming to stay in the […]

Your Home Care Package Guide

Published October 2023 What is a Home Care Package? A Home Care Package (HCP) is funding provided to older Australians by the federal government. The funding is designed for longer-term home-based support to aid older Australians to remain living independently in their home. Four levels of government funding are available, and an assessment of needs […]

Home Care Package Self-Management: How It Works

Published October 2023 Everyone who is approved for a government-funded Home Care Package (HCP) can choose to self-manage. This option gives you greater choice and control, more hours of support and better value, overall. Why self-manage your home care package? Before the policy of Consumer Directed Care was fully introduced in 2017, having a home […]

You’re On a Waitlist

You’re on a waitlist for a Home Care Package – now what? Congratulations! You’ve met the eligibility requirements of a home care package to secure a spot on the Home Care Package (HCP) waiting list. Typically, there can be a long wait for a package – as long as six months to a year, depending […]

Switching to HomeMade

We’re thrilled that you’re considering switching to HomeMade. It’s a positive step towards receiving quality home care services. To make your transition as seamless as possible, we’ve provided some essential information below and outlined the key steps involved in the switching process. Three Steps to Switching: Step 1: Notify Your Current Provider and Confirm Exit […]

What Are Clinical Reviews?

Early intervention generally means better health outcomes.  As your dedicated home care provider, your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us as we partner with you to achieve the goals you’ve set for your Home Care Package. We also have certain provider obligations to fulfil, and as such have various safeguards in place […]

Understanding Your Fees: FAQs

Why am I charged 7.5% Package Fee and 7.5% Care Fee?  Your home care package fee is split into two components. One fee is for care management and one fee is for package management and combined they comprise the 15% total package fee charged each month. From 1 December 2022 it was a Government requirement […]

Incident Management Process

How does the incident management process work at HomeMade? We acknowledge all incidents relating to elder abuse within 8 hours of receipt. We will partner with you to reach your desired outcome and to handle the incident in a way that aims to uphold your safety and wellbeing. It is a requirement by law that […]

Utilising Your Home Care Package Funds

There are many reasons why home care package recipients may only be using some of their allocated funding. Some reasons may include: They want to hold funding back because they want to use their funds in the future for something that may or may not eventuate. They might have received a higher Home Care Package […]

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