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How To: Respond to Clinical Recommendations

In this guide:

If you’ve received a clinical recommendation from one of our Clinical Nurses through the HomeMade platform, please follow these step-by-step instructions to respond to the recommendation.

Please note that completing your response is a multi-step process.

You’re required to:

  1. Acknowledge that you have received and understand the recommendation we have provided; and
  2. Accept or decline the recommendation.

Instructions: Responding to each recommendation


Step 1. Log into the HomeMade Platform:

Start by logging into your HomeMade account using your credentials.  Visit this page if you need help accessing your account. 

Step 2.Navigate to the “Support Plan” Section:

Once logged in, locate the “Support Plan” section. This can be found via the left hand navigation.

Step 3.Review Your Latest Recommendations:

At the top of  the “Support Plan” section, you’ll find a list of recommendation/s that require attention.

Step 4. Expand For More Information

To view the recommendation in more detail click on “Expand”.

Each recommendation requires an individual response of acknowledgement and acceptance or decline.

Step 5. Acknowledge Your Recommendation

After reviewing the recommendation, if you understand the guidance provided, select “Yes” next to  “Do you understand this recommendation?”’ This action confirms that you’ve received and comprehended the recommendations.

If you do not understand the recommendation – either select “No” or “I would like more information”

Book a Call or send us a message for further discussion (Optional):

If you find yourself needing more information, or if you wish to discuss with a member of the HomeMade team before making a decision, you can book a call.

Step 6. Accept or Decline Your Recommendation:

When you’ve acknowledged you understand your recommendation, you’ll be asked to choose between ‘Accept‘ or ‘Decline‘ to submit your decision. 

You are not obligated to accept your recommendation/s, however, we require that you submit a response so that it can be recorded on your profile. 

If you agree with the recommendations, select ‘Accept.’ Conversely, if you disagree or have concerns, opt for ‘Decline.’

Once you have submitted your response, your profile will be updated accordingly. 

If you have multiple recommendations, you’ll need to follow the above steps for each one.


How can I find a recommendation I've already reviewed?

Recommendations that haven’t been responded to will stay in the top section of the Support Plan page until they are either accepted or declined. 

If you’d like to find a recommendation you previously accepted or declined, you’ll find the Recommendation History section at the bottom of the screen. 

Yes.  If you’ve previously accepted or declined a recommendation and would like to change your response you can do so by scheduling a callback with a member of the team. 

You are not obligated to agree with any recommendation that has been made. While our Clinical nurses have assessed you may benefit from the recommendation made, it remains your choice. If you don’t agree with a recommendation you can decline it as per the above steps.  

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