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Incident Management Process

In this guide:

How does the incident management process work at HomeMade?

We acknowledge all incidents relating to elder abuse within 8 hours of receipt.

We will partner with you to reach your desired outcome and to handle the incident in a way that aims to uphold your safety and wellbeing.

It is a requirement by law that HomeMade reports some types of incidents to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Details of the types of incidents that require reporting to each Commission can be found here: Aged Care Serious Incident Reporting Scheme.

We will also strongly consider all incidents and feedback when identifying opportunities for HomeMade to improve business processes.

Our approach to incidents is governed by the following key principles:

Accessible: We provide a framework that is easy to understand and accessible to everyone. If you would like another person or organisation to assist you with an incident, we are happy to communicate with whoever you chose to represent you (e.g. a family member, advocate, legal or community member, etc.).

Responsive: There is a clear process for the timely handling of incidents, and you are kept informed of our progress

Respectful: You are treated with dignity and respect and listened to with empathy and compassion

Fair: We approach each matter in an equitable, objective, and unbiased manner. We act with integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Flexible: We are people-centered. Our process is flexible enough to respond to individual needs. Our people are empowered to act promptly and with as little formality as possible.

How can I report an incident?

We actively encourage all incidents are reported to HomeMade such as a fall, physical injury, medication error, an event that is relevant to your care (or the care of the person you represent) or the way you are being treated at home.

All incident reports are taken seriously and any issues raised will be dealt with fairly, promptly, confidentially.

To report an incident, you can email us via incidents@homemadesupport.com.au, or if the incident is serious in nature, call us on 1300 655 688.

You can also find out about the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissions Serious Incident Response Scheme .

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