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Switching to HomeMade

In this guide:

We’re thrilled that you’re considering switching to HomeMade. It’s a positive step towards receiving quality home care services. To make your transition as seamless as possible, we’ve provided some essential information below and outlined the key steps involved in the switching process.

Three Steps to Switching:

Step 1: Notify Your Current Provider and Confirm Exit Date

  • Contact your current provider and inform them about your decision to move to HomeMade. You may need to follow a specific process or provide written notice as per your existing agreement with them.
  • Confirm an exit date with your current provider and ensure that you clearly communicate the date when you wish to end your services with them, generally this is in writing.


Step 2: Contact My Aged Care (MAC) to Reactivate Your Referral Code

  • Contact My Aged Care (MAC) on 1800 200 422 and let them know that you are switching to HomeMade and you need to reactivate your referral code.
  • MAC will guide you through the reactivation process and what they need from you to complete this step


Step 3: Get in Touch with Us

  • Call HomeMade on 1300 655 688 and let us know your reactivated referral code and your confirmed exit date from your previous provider.
  • Our team at HomeMade will assist you in smoothly transitioning to our services, guiding you through the necessary documents

Additional Information to Keep in Mind

Can I Change Home Care Providers?
Yes, as mentioned above, you have the flexibility to switch to a different home care provider whenever you need or want to. This might be due to a change in your location or the desire to find a provider that better meets your specific needs. It’s important to review your  current Home Care Agreement for any conditions that might apply, such as notice periods.

Since the beginning of 2023, new regulations prohibit exit fees when moving from one home care provider to another.

Handling Unspent Funds
In the event that there are unspent funds remaining in your home care package, after all other necessary payments and fees have been settled, these funds will be carried over to your new provider. To facilitate this transfer, it’s crucial to follow specific steps:

  • Notify your previous provider about your new provider within 56 days of discontinuing your services with them. This notification ensures a smooth transition of unspent funds.
  • Your previous provider is obligated to provide you with a statement detailing any unspent funds within 56 days of your agreed end date with them.
  • The transfer of unspent funds to your new provider should occur within 70 days of your agreed end date, as per the regulations. This ensures that your unspent funds continue to support your care needs when you switch to HomeMade

These measures are designed to make the process of switching home care providers as transparent and straightforward as possible, ensuring that any remaining funds are used to benefit your ongoing care and support. Please review your specific Home Care Agreement for any provider-specific details related to this process.

Switching Checklist

Below is an easy to follow checklist to guide you through the process of switching home care providers. Following these steps will help you transition to HomeMade seamlessly and with confidence. It’s essential to communicate effectively with both your old and new providers to ensure a smooth transfer of services and any associated funds.

1. Review Your Current Home Care Agreement:

Take the time to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions of your existing Home Care Agreement. This step ensures that you are fully aware of any associated costs, as well as notice periods, that may come into play when you decide to switch providers.

2. Choose the Right Provider:

Carefully select a new provider that suits your specific needs. Make sure they have the capability to offer the care and services that are essential for your well-being and provide the flexibility you need to receive the support and services you need.

3. Set an End Date with Your Current Provider:

Reach an agreement with your current provider regarding the end date for their services. This date marks the transition period when you will switch to your new provider.

4. Re-Activate Your Referral Code with My Aged Care:

Get in touch with My Aged Care at 1800 200 422 and request the reactivation of your referral code. Your new provider will require this code to initiate services for you.

5. Agree on a Start Date with the New Provider:

Establish a start date for services with your chosen new provider. It’s important to note that this start date must fall on or after the end date with your previous provider.

6. Notify Your Old Provider within 56 Days:

Within 56 days of concluding services with your previous provider, inform them about the details of your new provider. This step ensures that any unspent funds allocated for your care will be smoothly transferred.

6. Confirm the Transfer of Unspent Funds within 70 Days:

Verify that any unspent funds from your previous provider have been successfully transferred to your new provider within 70 days of the agreed end date of services. This ensures the continuity of your care with the new provider.

Ready to start the Switch?

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Our mission at HomeMade is to help you get the most of your home care package so you can stay in your community and home longer.

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