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Utilising Your Home Care Package Funds

In this guide:

There are many reasons why home care package recipients may only be using some of their allocated funding. Some reasons may include:

  • They want to hold funding back because they want to use their funds in the future for something that may or may not eventuate.
  • They might have received a higher Home Care Package level but haven’t adjusted their supports
  • They may not be sure how they can use their home care funds
  • There might be a lack of availability of certain providers in their area
  • Cultural or language barriers make it difficult to understand the aged care system

What happens to unspent Home Care Package funds?

If you don’t use all your home care package funds each month, you won’t lose them. Your funds are carried over from month to month and can be transferred to a new provider if you decide to move. Any unspent funds are carried forward to the following month as an “opening balance” on your monthly statement.

However, it’s important to be aware you can’t give your funding to someone else if you pass away, cease using a home care package or go into a nursing home. Only you can use your funding. 

Your Home Care Package is designed to provide funding for your current care needs and help you stay at home longer. If one of your support plan goals is for respite or equipment, saving up some funds is useful. However,  the government is clear that home care package recipients need to consider their immediate care needs while saving for an event or situation that may not eventuate.


Your Home Care Package is designed to provide funding for your current care needs and help you stay at home longer.

How do I manage my unspent funds?

As your home care package provider, we work with you to make the most of your home care package budget and maximise the services and supports you receive.

It’s important you make sure you use all of the funding available through your home care package. This can include funding for care services, equipment, and home modifications. Home Care Packages are designed to address immediate care needs to ensure you’re getting what you need right now, and reduce the risk of complications with your care and health down the track.

It’s important to consider any recommendations you may have received  regarding access services. As well as making sure you regularly review your support plan and following up on any action items that have been discussed. You can view your support plan via your HomeMade account.

Why people don’t spend their funding:

There can be several reasons why people don’t spend their home care package funds, including:

Lack of awareness: Some people may not be fully aware of the range of services and support available through their home care package, and therefore may need to upskill on how to access or use their funds effectively.

Difficulty navigating the system: We know the aged care system can be complex and difficult to navigate. This can make it challenging for people to understand how to use their home care package funds effectively.

Fear of running out of funds: Some people may be concerned about “using up” their home care package funds too quickly and are hesitant to spend the funds for fear of not having enough support in the future.

Cultural and linguistic barriers: People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds may face additional challenges in accessing and using their home care package funds due to language barriers, cultural differences, and other similar factors.

Change in circumstances: some people’s needs or circumstances may have changed, which means they no longer require the same level of funding – such as moving in with family or recovering from a disability and gaining some functional independence (such as after a knee or hip replacement).

It’s important to understand that your home care package funds are designed to support your individual needs and preferences, and many options are available for accessing and using your funds effectively.

More information:

You can find out on the My Aged Care website services that can be accessed under a Home Care Package.

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