How To: Respond to Clinical Recommendations

If you’ve received a clinical recommendation from one of our Clinical Nurses through the HomeMade platform, please follow these step-by-step instructions to respond to the recommendation. Please note that completing your response is a multi-step process. You’re required to: Acknowledge that you have received and understand the recommendation we have provided; and Accept or decline […]

Understanding Self-Management

A Home Care Package, when allocated, must have at least one care manager to administer the way your Home Care Package funds are spent. There are fully managed plans (managed by someone other than yourself) and self-managed plans (managed by you, or if you prefer, a family member or friend you trust).  Homemade provides the […]

Being Connected: A Guide for Seniors on Online Safety

In today’s digital age, the internet has become an integral part of daily life for people of all ages. However, navigating the online world can sometimes feel daunting. From cyber scams to identity theft, there are various potential risks in the digital realm. Nonetheless, everyone, including older individuals, can stay safe and secure online with […]

Choosing Your Support Workers

Self-managing your Home Care Package gives you the freedom and joy of handpicking your support workers.  In this guide, we’ll assist you in making the right choices. If you’re unsure about negotiating rates or ensuring the quality of support matches the cost, below we provide some helpful tips in navigating these conversations. What Makes Good […]

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