Find independence with a Home Care Package

Access support services with Home Care Package funding and remain living in your own home for longer.

What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is funding given to older Australians by the federal government so they can pay for support services to help them continue living independently in their homes as long as possible. There are four levels of Home Care Packages. They range from basic needs (level one) to high needs (level four).


Home Care Package levels


  • Level 1: Basic care needs
  • Level 2: Low-level care needs
  • Level 3: Intermediate care needs
  • Level 4: High-level care needs


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How to apply for a Home Care Package

My Aged Care is a federal government funded service that can assist Australians over the age of 65 with a Home Care Package (HCP). To access a Home Care Package, you must apply for an assessment through My Aged Care.

Step 1: ACAT assessment

A meeting is conducted in your own home or virtually. ACAT assessments are about finding out if you need care and if so, how much.

Step 2: Receive your results

You will receive the result of your ACAT assessment. If approved, you will join the waitlist to be assigned a Home Care Package.

Step 3: Home Care Package assignment

When a Home Care Package becomes available, you’ll be notified by post and assigned a package; either a level one, two, three or four.

Step 4: Choose a provider

Once approved for a Home Care Package, you need to choose a Provider, such as HomeMade, to administer the funds for you.

Self-manage your Home Care Package with HomeMade

By choosing HomeMade as your Home Care Package provider, you will:

  • Get more hours of support. HomeMade charge a flat 15% fee with no hidden costs and we are here to help with the financial aspects of self-management
  • Choose your own support workers and services. You have the flexibility of choice to customise your changing needs
  • Access a diverse network of providers. HomeMade have existing relationships with over 1,200 service providers Australia-wide, including Mable, an online platform that connects you with independent support workers
  • Gain access to a helpful team, tools, and resources. HomeMade can offer guidance and assistance so you remain in control of your own support with self-management, whether you’re new to Home Care Packages or switching providers.

What services can I get with a Home Care Package?

You can access many different types of support services with your Home Care Package, such as:

  • Personal services: assistance with personal activities such as hygiene maintenance, mobility and communication
  • In-home support: this includes assistance with nutrition, hydration, meal preparation and support to maintain a clean home environment
  • Transport: assisted shopping, attending personal appointments and transport to social activities
  • Mobility: costs for crutches and mobility aids such as walking frames, walking sticks and mechanical devices
  • Nursing, allied health and therapy services: occupational therapy, psychology support, podiatry or physiotherapy.
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Choose who you want and when you want them.

We have four ways to connect with verified and checked support workers.

Select from our verified providers

We check each provider’s insurance and registrations for you.

Search Mable's extensive network

Use Mable to find and engage the services and support of your choice.

Register your own service provider

We will register your chosen service provider with HomeMade.

Find local support workers

Connect with local support workers. We can help set you both up.

Home care is better when it’s HomeMade.

Join our growing community.

So happy with them and I am able to self manage my mum’s care package by using wonderful Mable carers.


Easy to use, good online assistance and portal easy to use. I can find my own staff from Mable or services through HomeMade. I’m happy.


I am very happy with HomeMade Support and would definitely recommend them to anybody wanting to self manage. The process is easy to understand & I love being able to access my account to ensure I am aware of all financial transactions.


I manage my mum’s package through HomeMade…yes it’s easy and I recommended it to my friend for his mum.


Most amazing company. A flat fee and you choose your own providers if you elect not to use those provided by HomeMade.


I am with HomeMade. They are wonderful. I self manage my partners’ aged care and they are very caring and it really is easy to do as they handle all invoices, I just employ who I need and they send their invoices directly to HomeMade and fees are the best around.


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